Affordable Solutions to Treat Lead & Contaminants in Your Water

Most lead contamination comes from underground water pipes. Replacing a single contaminated area does not solve the problem. Ecowater brings an immediate solution, cheaper and easier to maintain than bottled water.

  • Costs less than bottled water and coolers
  • 99.3% lead reduction & 99.9% bacteria and cysts
  • Final barrier protection ensures clear water
  • Lease options available

Water Fountain Solutions

EcoWater's Safe Fountain System (SFS) is an economical solution that retrofits to your existing fountains and insures the highest quality water for students and staff. In addition to removing contaminants, it produces great tasting water that will encourage good hydration habits.

  • Great tasting, high-quality water
  • Retrofits to existing fountains
  • Equipped with an automatic shut-off
  • Tamper-proof cabinet

Lead and other contaminants

Lead only

Kitchen System Solutions

Lead and other contaminants can be cooked into food in high concentrations and must be removed effectively. EcoWater offers unique solutions for food prep areas, an important location where water purification is critical.

  • Pipes with PEX flexible tubing, guaranteed to not leach contaminants
  • Replace faucets and connectors with lead-free components
  • Hooks-up to pot-filters, steamers, ice and coffee makers
  • Tamper-proof cabinet with automatic shut-off that monitors flow

SK2 filter

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NSF certified for removing 99.3% lead and 99.9% bacteria and cysts